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The History of the United States Mint

 The United States Mint is the official coin factory for the United States government and manufactures the legal-tender American coinage that you find in your pocket change. While most of us carry around “pennies” (officially called one-cent coins), nickels, dimes, and quarters in our pockets and purses, or perhaps have a jar full of them at home, few really think about the United States Mint and its story.

It’s perhaps safe to say that most Americans don’t realize the U.S. Mint even makes anything other than the four denominations – cents, nickels, dimes, and quarters – that most of us are familiar with using for cash transactions. And some people mistakenly believe the U.S. Mint also prints “paper” currency. But that’s the job of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing – and the subject of another story for another day! Read More
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$20 Saint-Gaudens MS-63 (63)
  • Our Choice of Grading Service, NGC or PCGS.
  • Minted: 1907 - 1933
  • Net Weight:  .9675 oz. pure gold
  • Designer: Augustus Saint-Gaudens
  • Composition: .900 gold, .100 copper
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1924-D Saint Gaudens $20 Gold PCGS MS64 (64)
A Lustrous $20 Gold Saint Gaudens in MS64.
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1812 Capped Bust $5 PCGS AU55 (AU55)
This is a nice coin, which was designed by John Reich in a Capped Bust facing left.
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1904 Liberty $5 Gold PCGS MS66+ (66+)
A nice lustrous Liberty Head Half Eagle in MS66+
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