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Gold Performance VS Stocks

Is a return of up to 9,088% in the next 50 years possible?


Gold Expert Advantage Portfolio Recommendations

**Many of the coins we recommend for a Gold Expert Advantage Portfolio have fared very well among the coins tracked in the major rare coin indexes over the last 50 years. In some select cases, prices for certain coins recommended have appreciated over 100 times during that span.**

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Type II & III Liberty Double Eagles

The Type II and Type III Liberty Double Eagles are among the most popular, and in some select cases some of the most rare, of all United States gold coins. The Type II $20 Liberty Double Eagles (1866-1876) were the first United States $20 gold coins to bear the motto: "In God We Trust."

Indian Head Gold Coins

The second area in our Select Four comprises four Indian Head gold coins minted periodically from 1854-1933. The coins recommended in this area are the $3 Indian Princess, the $10 Indian Eagle, the $5 Indian Half Eagle and the $2.50 Indian Quarter Eagle.

Select Gold Commemoratives

While the 1915-S Panama-Pacific Exposition Quarter Eagle and the 1926 Sesquicentennial Independence Quarter Eagle commemorate distinctly different events in U.S. history, they are the only two gold commemorative Quarter Eagles in U.S. history.

$25 Gold American Eagles

As the first $25 gold coin ever minted in United States history, the $25 Gold Eagle is a cornerstone coin among Select Four recommendations, and due to its relative rarity among Gold Eagles, has already distinguished itself among collectors as a "modern day rarity."

Gold Bullion

Gold bullion has far outperformed CDs, the Dow, S&P and Nasdaq in the 21st Century. We recommend Gold and Silver American Eagles as a component of our Gold Expert Advantage Portfolios.

Official U.S. Mint Gold American Eagles are minted from gold mined only in the United States and their purity and weight are guaranteed by the U.S. Government

A valuable store of wealth building and preservation to pass along to heirs

Dr. Mike Fuljenz, who taught national authentication seminars, buys from reputable sources and personally makes sure your bullion is authentic

A historical hedge against inflation, stock instability and currency devaluation

Gold bullion rose 5,080% from 1970 - 2021*

Common Date Gold Coins

America’s Gold Expert®, Dr. Mike Fuljenz, is noted for his competitive buying and selling prices on hand-selected mint-state, common-date gold coins. When considering gold coins, you need Mike’s expertise on your side, because small differences in grade can multiply the value of a single coin.

In past bull markets, they are often the first coin area to dramatically move up in value

Able to pass on valuable, yet affordable high-grade pieces of history to family members/heirs

Often the easiest and most affordable coins for building sets and collections

Trade much more inline with bullion values at a lower premium

Having a recognized expert personally select your coins is priceless

Rare Gold Investments (RGI)

For 50 years, Rare Mint State Gold Coins have produced an impressive 9,088% return for investors and collectors - far outperforming the S&P 500, DOW, generic gold coin index, 3000 coin index as a whole and gold bullion prices, according to a highly-respected Mint State Rare Gold Coin Index from 1970 - 2021*.

Outperformed gold bullion and common date coins over the last 50 years - more than double

Long-term potential for higher value when collected in sets & collections

One of the most PRIVATE and PORTABLE forms of wealth for passing from generation to generation

Valued as a hedge against inflation and stock volatility

May offer the potential for maintaining or dramatically increasing value, EVEN WHEN GOLD GOES DOWN

Why RGIs for your Portfolio?

Rare Gold Investments can offer double-play potential for your portfolio (see 50 year performance chart (TOP)). The RGIs we recommend are personally hand-selected by Gold and Rare Coin Expert Dr. Mike Fuljenz, are NGC or PCGS* graded and come with an industry-leading exchange policy. That way, even when gold goes down, RGIs can help diversify and/or strengthen your investment portfolio and build a prestigious set or collection as a valuable legacy for generations.

*About NGC & PCGS: The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation & Professional Coin Grading Service are two of the largest and most trusted national coin grading services in the world.