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How To Buy Gold Today: Gold American Eagles, Rare Gold Coins

With so many collecting and investing choices available to you, we believe it's important to understand why the rare coin market is a sound, viable place for you to put your resources.

That's why we are committed to providing our customers with a wide range of award-winning educational resources, including books, newsletters, videos and articles featuring commentary and analysis from America's Gold Expert®, Dr. Mike Fuljenz, one of the leading and most widely recognized numismatic voices working today.

Many of our publications are absolutely free as a complimentary benefit to our clients and they provide both valuable and timely information on current and future trends in precious metals and rare coins. Our staff of nationally recognized numismatic experts provides you with sage advice and investing strategy recommendations that serve your long-term best interests and help you to feel comfortable with your investing decisions.



Winner: Best Dealer Publication & 1st Place Excellence in the Media*

Our Award-Winning Personal Gold Guide features commentary and analysis from America's Gold Expert®, Dr. Michael Fuljenz, a winner of over 60 awards from the Numismatic Literary Guild for his books, newsletters, articles and media appearances. Mike's "Personal Gold Guide," which features a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the gold markets, went on to win multiple NLG Best Dealer Publication Awards and a 1st Place Excellence in the Media Award by the Press Club of Southeast Texas.


Gold Expert Advantage Portfolios

Winner: Best Dealer Publication*

Your future and investments are too important to sit on the sidelines to losses and inflation any longer without a plan that includes gold. From $5,000 to $5,000,000, join the customers nationwide who are turning to us for help with their portfolios. Our Gold Expert Advantage Portfolios are built to help you securely and quickly move a portion of your money from under-performing or declining investments, paper currencies and equities to the stability and historical performance of precious metals.

Begin to hedge losses, stabilize your investments and get on the path to long-term security and peace of mind today.

why buy certified gold


Grading and authenticity guarantees • Greater liquidity and collectible value • Anti-counterfeit control • Attractive, secure tamper evident holder • Rarity verification by population reports • Barcode serial number tracking for theft protection and inventory control • Ease of storage • Market conformity



How does your dealer measure up? Smart gold & silver decisions start with choosing the right dealer for the best gold choices. Use this checklist to compare your gold dealer and avoid costly mistakes. Then call us for a free Award-Winning Gold Guide and get a free Expert evaluation on your gold & silver coins.



Our customers typically get first choice from hand-selected, quality coins available on the market. With over 40 years of experience in the marketplace. Quality & authenticity is assured because coins are selected by a true gold and rare coin expert who has taught grading and authentication seminars for a national grading service. The coins we recommend are NGC or PCGS graded. This means every coin you buy is the quality and grade promised.



Winner: 1st Place Electronic Newsletter*

Interviewed by NBC News, CNBC, FOX Business Network and many others, America's Gold Expert, Dr. Mike Fuljenz is the expert's expert. Now, you can get the same information experts interview Mike about, on our website every week.

Every week you'll get access to Mike's top gold and silver picks, award-winning educational videos & resources, as well as in-depth coverage of some of the most relevant geo-political and global economic issues impacting the investment world, precious metals prices and the rare coin markets that affect you and your future. Get the award-winning news you can use now.