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The “Ship of Gold” Treasure Is Now Available in 2018 - Part 4

Rare PCGS Certified SS Central America Silver Dimes

Well-Preserved Shipwreck Dimes are Very Rare and These Include a Pinch of Gold

A very large bag, about the size of a volleyball, was found in the bottom of the unopened purser’s safe of the S.S. Central America, a heavy cast iron box. This bag contained mostly U.S. silver coins. The majority of the money was in dimes, and it quickly became obvious that what was discovered was the “cash box” of the shipwreck itself, a truly marvelous historical find.

These dimes have survived without the corrosion seen on most silver coins found on shipwrecks. This is undoubtedly due to the oxygen-starved (anaerobic) conditions within the safe, a deep-sea time capsule. The safe was not water tight, but it essentially sealed off the interior environment and its chemistry from the outside seabed environment. The result was that even the canvas bag holding these coins did not degrade significantly.

The thousands of dimes, along with associated larger silver coins (quarters and half dollars) and small gold coins ($1, $2.50, and $5 U.S. gold coins) made up the working money of the ship as it traveled be-tween New York and Panama. The sailors of the labor class were paid one to three dimes a day. There was $1,586.55 in this bag of the “ship’s money” when it was recovered. Remember that in 1857 the S.S. Central America was on its 44th voyage to Panama and back, since launching in November of 1853. This was a well-established business, and here we get to look at the life-blood of that business, its working capital. It is fascinating to see everything that was in circulation. The dimes range from 1796 to 1857. These coins are literally a piece of history in your hands. Call us today to own your piece of history while supplies last.