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Metal Market Report November 2021 - Week 4 Edition

November 2021 - Week 4 Edition

Gold Poised for Another Increase

Gold dropped $40 Monday after President Joe Biden nominated incumbent Jerome Powell to remain as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Although he has presided over the massive inflation of the money supply over the past 20 months since COVID-19 struck, he is the lesser of two evils when compared to his chief rival for the position, the more progressive candidate favored by Senator Elizabeth Warren, Lael Brainard. This should be a minor bump in the road in gold’s latest surge since the Fed is continuing with its quantitative easing (QE), only at a $105 billion per month pace, down from $120 billion per month.

$20 Liberty Coin Quadrupled in Price in 7 Years

Collectors continue to look for the best available coin in a series and they are willing to pay much higher prices than previously imaginable. One recent example is the 1870 Carson City (Nevada) Mint gold double eagle that sold for $1.62 million after only fetching $411,250 in 2014. 

This Type II 1870-CC Coronet double eagle is graded AU-53 by PCGS. Although this coin is circulated, it is the finest known specimen that is certified by PCGS, the Professional Coin Grading Service. 

There were only 3,789 Coronet gold double eagles minted in Carson City in 1870, so this is a true rarity. Only about 40 coins in any grade are known to have survived. Most of them are well worn.  

The lesson here is that the “best in group” coins can sometimes draw high and rising prices that are far removed from underlying bullion prices.

Our Monthly “Dollars & Deficits” Update

The Almighty Dollar is living up to its name – at least in terms of other paper currencies – since the U.S. is offering slightly positive interest rates (about 1.5% on 10-year bonds) versus negative returns on similar bonds in Europe and Japan. The Euro has taken a nosedive in the past six months from $1.22 per dollar June 1 to $1.12 today. It was $1.16 as recently as November 8, so some of the euro’s decline has taken place in the last two weeks.  Part of that has to do with the sharp rise in COVID-19 cases in Europe lately. 

The U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) is up 3.4% since October 28 and +2.7% since November 8 for the same reasons. The DXY is most heavily weighted in the Euro (57.6%), followed by the Japanese yen (13.6%), British Pound sterling (11.9%) and Canadian dollar (9.1%), so it tends to follow the fortunes of the euro. 

The strong dollar is one reason why gold has been fighting to stay above $1,800, but gold has beaten all currencies over the last month, and it has narrowly beaten the U.S. dollar as well, so gold remains King

Deficits: During October 2021 – the first month of the federal government’s fiscal year 2022 – the budget deficit was $165 billion (a $2 trillion annual rate). That’s after the federal government accumulated a $2.77 trillion deficit in fiscal year 2021 (ending September 30), and over $3 trillion in fiscal year 2020. 

President Biden’s new “Build Back Better” bill will allegedly cost $1.75 trillion in new spending, but these shopping lists tend to grow longer as time goes by.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has already said the plan, as it now exists, will add $367 billion to the long-term budget deficit.

Get to know the “Team Mike” Professionals at Universal Coin & Bullion - Working with Dr. Mike Fuljenz, America’s Gold Expert ®

Ryan Hamilton
Assistant Director of Universal Coin & Bullion

Ryan Hamilton, an Assistant Director of Universal Coin & Bullion, has worked for the company for 21 years. He grew up in Beaumont, TX and after obtaining two degrees – one in corporate communications and another in business management – from Lamar University, he chose to stay in the area. Ryan and his wife live just outside of town with their newborn daughter and their two dogs. 

Ryan has also volunteered with Boy’s Haven and provided food at several of their events.  He is especially proud of UCB’s A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and the fact they have been accredited with the BBB since 1995.

Ryan’s love of hunting and fishing is only overshadowed by his love for God, his wife, his daughter and rare coins. He stresses the importance of owning gold and silver coins, not only to his clients but also to his family and lives life by the motto of “hard work, dedication and doing things right.” He is one of the “go to” advisers for rare gold and silver coins, as well as, for his expertise in converting 401k/IRA accounts to precious metals.

Ryan enjoys learning about and educating people on the story of rare coins and says, “When a true American rarity comes across my desk, I am in awe at its beauty, history and the story it holds. I tell my clients that if coins could talk, I would be out of a job because my passion is sharing that message.”


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