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Metal Market Report January 2021 - Week 4 Edition

January 2021 - Week 4 Edition

Gold Rallies Again  

Gold and silver were among the top-performing commodities last week, up 1.2% and 2.4%, respectively. Gold dropped below $1,840 on Friday but quickly recovered. Then it shot up to $1,867 Monday morning, January 25, before settling back to $1,857 based mostly on a strengthening dollar. The early rise was based on anticipation of the passage of President Joe Biden’s proposed $1.9 trillion bipartisan relief measure, but when Republicans lawmakers pushed back on the cost of the package, the price of gold pulled back.

“Project 2020” Enters 2021 With New Momentum

We announced “Project 2020” nearly a year ago as a project to “quietly” assemble an inventory of what we think will be the “cream of the crop” in the numismatic universe.  These top rare coin winners are based on several factors, including sheer beauty, historical importance, popularity and low population capitalization - a coin’s value multiplied by the number of coins in a specific grade. We knew it would be difficult to find these rare coins quietly, as these coins are always hard to find in any quantity without attracting attention.

The market for many gold coins priced under $15,000 is still in high demand! For instance, Carson City-minted coins are in especially high demand. So are low-population $10 and $25 Gold American Eagles, $2.50, $3.00, $5.00 and $10.00 Indians and Type II and Type III $20 Liberty Gold. Our higher bids are attracting fewer offers, but we still have a strong inventory!

Although our bids on many of these coins are consistently rising, we continue to seek these coins because we believe they are still underpriced relative to their population size. Rest assured that we scrutinize each new purchase very carefully. We never sacrifice our standards in our quest for top quality. We buy only hand-selected, better specimens.  I reject numerous low-end coins I inspect. That is why you should only buy rare coins from well-recognized experts. Each coin should have good eye appeal. When you see these coins, you will know what I mean.

Each coin is a classic piece of American history. Owning these coins is like holding history in your hands, so please call your Team Mike representative for a description of the latest batch of our fresh and quickly changing inventory of classic American gold and silver coins – but call quickly for the newest additions.

Get to Know the “Team Mike” Professionals at Universal Coin & Bullion
Working with Dr. Mike Fuljenz, America’s Gold Expert®

Josh Baldwin, a Sr. Account Representative at Universal Coin & Bullion, has worked for the company for 14 years and has a degree in psychology from Lamar University. He grew up in Beaumont, Texas and chose to stay here after college working in the precious metals industry. Josh has been married for 12 years to his college sweetheart and they have three children – twin six-year-olds, and a 10-year-old going on 16, he joked. The family has also been adopted by two precious pups, Daisie and Elvis. 

Josh is a volunteer with the Hamshire-Fannett Little League and loves Texas Rangers baseball. His other community involvement includes volunteering with Boys’ Haven and helping to promote the inclusion of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through his work with the Arc of Greater Beaumont. Josh also participates in the Watch D.O.G.S. program, which encourages dads and other male role models to get more involved in their children's education. Josh is a life member of the NRA and a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Alumni Association. 

For Josh, his love of coins revolves around $20 Liberty gold coins and burnished American Gold Eagles. Josh lives by the motto, “Pray for the best and prepare for the worst.” He has often said his mission is to, “save the world, one gold coin at a time.” 

As for his absolute favorite coin, it is the $20 1879-O Liberty minted in New Orleans because there were so few made – 2,325 to be exact. This Type III coin is a beautiful specimen and considered an anchor to any Type III $20 Liberty set.


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