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Coin Special Properties


Coin Special Properties

The History of the United States Mint

 The United States Mint is the official coin factory for the United States government and manufactures the legal-tender American coinage that you find in your pocket change. While most of us carry around “pennies” (officially called one-cent coins), nickels, dimes, and quarters in our pockets and purses, or perhaps have a jar full of them at home, few really think about the United States Mint and its story.

It’s perhaps safe to say that most Americans don’t realize the U.S. Mint even makes anything other than the four denominations – cents, nickels, dimes, and quarters – that most of us are familiar with using for cash transactions. And some people mistakenly believe the U.S. Mint also prints “paper” currency. But that’s the job of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing – and the subject of another story for another day! Read More
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1963-D 50C Franklin PCGS MS64 (64)


The Franklin Half-Dollar was designed by Chief Engraver, John R. Sinnock and was struck for 16 years (1948-1963). The obverse and reverse of the Franklin Half-Dollar features lustrous blast-white surfaces. Its composition is 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. Featured on the obverse of the Franklin Half-Dollar is the portrait of Benjamin Franklin. Engraved directly above his portrait is the word, “Liberty.” Below Franklin’s portrait is the, “In God We Trust,” motto.

Centered on the reverse side of the Franklin Half-Dollar is a Liberty Bell and above it are inscribed the words, “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA .” Also located on the left side of the Franklin Half-Dollar’s reverse are the words, “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” and directly below the Liberty Bell are the words, “Half Dollar.”

The Franklin Half Dollar series is widely collected in part because of its historical significance. Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, his legacy as a leading author, printer, politician, political theorist, scientist, inventor, statesman, freemason and diplomat makes him a major figure in America’s history. Collectors interested in American History should make it a point to build their Franklin Half-Dollar series because of Franklin’s importance in the early years of the United States.

Composition: .900 silver - .100 copper

Mints: Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco

Surface: Lustrous Blast White


1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollar BU (BU)


• 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars - Brilliant Uncirculated Condition (BU) in a protective capsule.

• Each Coin 1st Date of Issue - surviving bank and store inventory depletion in 1964


Historical John F. Kennedy Photo & Handwritten Letter (copy) To numismatist Mike Fuljenz's mother. When you call, ask about the correction done by the First Lady.

•  (Free High Resolution Digital Copy, limit 1 per household with coin order)

 Brilliant uncirculated coins include minor bag marking & may be white or have some light coloration (toning).
•  WHERE WERE YOU ON NOVEMBER 22, 1963? It's the question that haunts millions of Americans who remember the assassination of President  John F. Kennedy. 

•  Price subject to change • Availability not guaranteed • No dealers please


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Morgan Silver Dollar MS-64 (64)
  • PCGS or NGC Certified (Our Choice)
  • Coin pictures for representation only
  • Our choice of dates (1878 - 1904) and mint
  • The number one (1) Collected Classic United States Silver Coin
  • Today's prices are almost 50% higher than in 2010
  • Great luster and beauty
  • Desired by bank and train robbers for their over 3/4 oz of pure silver
  • Impressive size 38.1 mm diameter and weight (over 3/4 oz of pure silver)
  • Prices have trended higher
  • Hand-Selected by Award-Winning Expert Mike Fuljenz
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Extremely Fine Morgan Silver Dollar (XF)
  • Our Choice of Date
  • Dates from 1878-1904
  • Extremely Fine Circulated Condition
  • Impressive 38.1mm diameter containing over ¾ oz of pure silver
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