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Type II Liberties are so rare, only one collector in 1,000 can hope to own even one of these gold coins. However, you could be one of the fortunate few. Here's what you need to know:

  • The coin is called "Type II" because these were the second $20 Liberty coin designs to be minted.
  • The Type II Liberty Double Eagles were also the first United States $20 gold coin designed to carry the motto 'In God We Trust'.
  • Type II $20 Liberty Double Eagles were minted only between 1866 and 1876, when the coin was once again redesigned, making these the shortest series and thus the rarest of all $20 gold Liberties.
  • As a result of the Gold Confiscation Act of 1933, it is estimated that over 95% of all Type II coins minted were melted down, a high destruction rate for a post-1850 series, making premium quality, almost uncirculated, and uncirculated Type II Liberty Double Eagles even harder to find.
  • Their rarity and historical importance are the primary reasons why certified Type II $20 Liberty Double Eagles have made the cut year after year as one of our Select 4 top coin picks.
  • Type II $20 Liberty Double Eagles are twice as rare as Type I Liberty Double Eagles by mintage.
  • Certified Type II $20 Liberty Double Eagles are many times more rare than Type III Liberty Double Eagles in certified population reports.
  • Additionally, Type II $20 Liberty Double Eagles are substantially more rare than the popular $20 Saint-Gaudens in certified mint state condition.
  • The $20 Liberty Type II is .9675 ounces of pure gold — almost one full ounce of gold in every coin.
  • Prices for many Type II Liberty Double Eagles began to rise following the publication of Universal Coin & Bullion President Mike Fuljenz's Collector's guide book, A Numismatic History & Analysis: Type II Double Eagles 1866-1876, which went on to win a Numismatic Literary Guild Investment Book of the Year Award in 2002 the year it was first published.
  • With the price of gold soaring in today's bullish market environment, prices for many certified Type II $20 Liberty Double Eagles may never be this low again.

For more information on purchasing certified Type II $20 Liberty Double Eagles for your personal family estate collection, please call an account representative today toll-free at (800) 459-COIN (2646).

Type III Liberty

In early 2000, we began informing our clients that the Type III $20 Liberty Double Eagles were poised to be the next breakout segment...

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The Mike Fuljenz Metals Market Report

April 2014 – Week 3 Edition

Gold has been very volatile in the last week, rising from below $1284 on April 3 to $1330 on April 14 before correcting back to $1300 on Tuesday, April 15. Still, it's encouraging to see gold remain slightly above $1300 after starting the year at $1200. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrials are down over 2% and the once-glamorous NASDAQ tech stock index fell 5% in the last week. Gold rose Friday on high producer price inflation and then got a boost Monday on a revival of violence in Ukraine, but consumer price inflation (released Tuesday) was "tame," so gold retreated, despite continuing tensions in the Ukraine.