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Universal Coin and Bullion - About Certification

Since grading companies such as NGC and PCGS were founded, coin grading and certification have followed high standards in determining grade and authentication. Every coin that is examined for certification and authentication by PCGS or NGC is encapsulated and sonically sealed in a tamper-evident plastic holder that includes a serial number, a description, and a guaranteed grade.

For collectors and investors, one of the key benefits to third party certification is a greater level of confidence in grade and authenticity. When you purchase a rare coin for your coin collection or as an investment, it is important to know the grade of your coin, so that you can accurately assess its market value. You must consider that while there are strict standards to which most numismatists adhere, coin grading is a subjective, and not exact, process. We encourage you to learn more by talking to our staff and looking at our informational resources to become a better educated collector or investor. Read below to learn more about the coin grading scale.

To learn more about the coin certification process, please call Universal Coin and Bullion Toll Free at (800) 822-GOLD (4653) and request a FREE copy of Mike Fuljenz’s NLG award-winning article "Why Your Important Gold, Silver Coins Should Be Certified". This in depth article provides insightful "insider’s" analysis into the diligent processes involved in coin certification, authentication and grading as performed by NGC and PCGS, the two major coin certification services.

About The Coin Grading Scale

Coin grading experts evaluate a coin’s present condition against its condition in the mint upon manufacture. Professional numismatists use the Sheldon Grading Scale developed by Dr. William Sheldon which uses a 70-point numerical scale when determining a coin’s proper rating and value.


Perfect Uncirculated: MS-70
Superb Uncirculated: MS-69, MS-68, MS-67
Gem Uncirculated: MS-66, MS-65, MS-64
Choice Uncirculated: MS-63, MS-62
Uncirculated: MS-61, MS-60
Premium Almost Uncirculated: AU-58, AU-55
Choice Almost Uncirculated: AU-53
Almost Uncirculated: AU-50
Choice Extremely Fine: XF-45
Extremely Fine: XF, EF-40
Choice Very Fine: VF-30,
Very Fine: VF-20
Fine: F-12
Very Good: VG-8
Good: G-4
About Good: AG-3
Poor: P-1

Universal Coin and Bullion specializes in helping investors and collectors learn more about the rare coin market. If you have any questions about coin grading and certification, please feel free to call us toll-free at 800-822-GOLD (4653). We look forward to serving you.

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